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Lava Stone Healing Properties | Lava Bead Bracelets


Lava Stone Healing PropertiesLava beads are extremely popular right now due to the lava stone healing properties since, they are a natural way to heal. Lava stones and beads are available in a number of sizes and shapes making them useful for jewelry.

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Besides the benefit of their healing properties, another advantage is that they are lightweight and that means that you can wear lava bead bracelets easily without stressing over them being too bulky.

What is Lava Stone?

Lava stones are formed from basalt and as a result, the porous material is formed when a volcano erupts. It acquires a beneficial texture which consists of bubbles and holes creating the lava stones. This makes it ideal for designing bracelets and other jewelry like earrings, bracelets, necklaces as well as broaches.

Black Lava Stone Healing Properties

If you have been looking for a natural way to balance emotions and heal physically, you will LOVE  lava stone.

Strength, Courage, Energy, Creativity, Increases Libido, Fertility, Cleanses Negativity, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Disinfectant are all lava stone healing properties.

Lava Stone Bracelet

Lava stone allows for stability through changes. Wearing it close to your skin can alleviate stress associated and to help you feel grounded. Wearing a lava stone bracelet is a popular and stylish way to keep lava close to you at all times.

Lava Beads Essential Oils

Gemstones are known to help balance and strengthen blocked or misaligned chakras. Essential oils have a powerful connection with the mind and body
helping to balance and align our energy. Combining these two in a bracelet or other piece of jewelry, will give your spiritual and physical body the highest vibrations for healing.

Natural lava beads are porous, making it a great way to diffuse essential oils. Simply add a drop or two of oil to each bead to enjoy the therapeutic benefits and scent for 1-3 days depending on your oil. As the scent wears off just add a few drops more.


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