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Woodland Breeze Scented Soy Wax Melts


Woodland Breeze ~ Forest smell of trees, leaves, moss, and nuts.

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Woodland Breeze ~ Forest smell of trees, leaves, moss, and nuts.

Our breakable wax melts are hand poured with all natural, 100% soy wax and high quality fragrance oils. We have a few of our products in stock, but most are made to order. Soy wax is a natural material therefore, each candle may have its own look and/or texture.

Each set of melts are made in small batches with the highest amount of fragrance that the wax can handle to ensure a long lasting, fragrant, melt.

Melt Time:
The burn time of our melts depends on how they are used and the type of warmer that’s used. They generally will throw scent for approximately 10-12 hours per cube. The more cubes you place in the warmer, the larger range of scent, but this will also reduce the total melt time. We strongly recommend no more than 2 cubes at a time.

-Remove 1 to 2 cubes from plastic clamshell container and place into your tart warmer dish. You can continue to remelt the wax until it dissipates or is no longer fragrant.

– Combine more than one scent of wax melt for a unique scent!

They are sold in a 3 oz, clear plastic clamshell with 6 soy wax filled cubes.


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